Internal Medicine

The internal medicine doctors, also known as “internists,” provide long-term comprehensive healthcare to solve problems and manage chronic conditions. – St. Elizabeth internal medicine providers provide long-term comprehensive healthcare and help you manage chronic conditions.

Comprehensive Internal Medicine Care: Your Path to Wellness

Right here, you can access all the support you need to live a healthy life. Our Internal Medicine providers are your health allies­­­–committed to helping you understand your health goals, providing you with the information and tools you need to prevent disease, managing existing conditions and offering you the latest treatments. We’re solution-finders who work with you to develop a health plan just for you.

The Importance of an Internal Medicine Doctor for Your Health

The internal medicine doctors, also known as “internists,” provide long-term comprehensive healthcare to solve problems and manage chronic conditions. Our team works with adults and teens ages 16 and older. Providers emphasize preventive screenings and wellness and are equipped to handle whatever situation you encounter, no matter how complex. In addition to being specially trained to solve unique diagnostic problems and chronic illnesses, our internal medicine physicians are specialists in helping you manage multiple conditions at the same time.

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Advantages of Choosing an Internal Medicine Provider

Internal medicine providers bring in-depth expertise in preventing, managing and treating common, complex and chronic medical conditions, making them an excellent choice for individuals with specific health concerns.

Focused training gives our team a deep understanding and specialized knowledge in handling complex diagnoses and treatments. As primary care providers, our internal medicine physicians coordinate your overall medical needs. They guide you on your path to better health and recommend specialists when needed. You can count on care that is compassionate and comprehensive and focuses on key areas, including:

  • Primary care: Covering your general health and wellness.
  • Women’s health: Addressing women’s unique health concerns.
  • Chronic condition management: Helping you manage chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
  • Substance abuse: Assisting in managing substance-related issues.
  • Mental health: Providing support and care for behavioral and emotional health.
  • Internal medicine: Handling conditions related to the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, and reproductive organs with precision care.

Internal Medicine for Children

While internal medicine physicians typically care for adults, we have internists who provide pediatric care. These physicians, also known as “Med-Peds,” are trained and board certified in both internal medicine (adult medicine) and pediatrics and treat all ages, from newborns to geriatrics. This often allows for the caring of multiple generations of the same family, which provides insight into family dynamics, health patterns and the impact of acute or chronic illness within a single family system.

Complete Care When and Where You Need It

Our internal medicine doctors are committed to providing exceptional care for you at every turn. If, at any point, you are admitted to a St. Elizabeth Healthcare hospital, our hospitalists (hospital-based doctors who are board certified in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine) will be there to ensure you receive high-quality medical attention during your inpatient stay.

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