Family Medicine

St. Elizabeth Physicians is your first line of defense for you and your family’s health. Learn how our St. Elizabeth family physicians offer preventive care and condition management to keep your entire family well.

Personalized Care for Every Age and Stage

Our family medicine doctors serve as primary care physicians committed to helping you maintain a healthy life and managing your and your family’s health needs whenever and wherever you need it. We work in partnership with specialists if necessary. And if there ever comes a time when you or a family member are admitted to a St. Elizabeth Healthcare hospital, our hospitalists (hospital-based doctors who are board certified in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine) will be there to make sure you receive high quality medical care during your stay.

The Importance of a Family Medicine Doctor for Your Health

The family medicine providers at St. Elizabeth are board-certified and medically trained in practicing a full range of wellness-related healthcare for all ages and stages of life. With locations throughout Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana, you can access convenient, comprehensive care focused on your overall health and well-being. The physicians of family medicine are ready to provide answers and care for any health concerns you or a loved one have–big or small. Some of the services family physicians offer include:

  • Mental health counseling.
  • Obstetrics.
  • Skin lesion removal.
  • Assessment of lung function.
  • Women’s Health.

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Advantages of Choosing a Family Medicine Provider

The family medicine physicians at St. Elizabeth Physicians diagnose and treat illnesses, provide routine and preventive health care, manage chronic and acute conditions, and educate patients on maintaining a healthy life. Our goal is to offer continuous care that promotes health, education, and disease prevention.

One of the unique advantages of the Center for Family Medicine is that we integrate practicing residents into our healthcare team. By working alongside experienced physicians, these new doctors bring fresh perspectives, knowledge and innovative ideas to our practice. Our collaborative environment fosters continuous learning and promotes a high standard of care for everyone we serve. And our legacy of excellence and commitment to patient satisfaction ensures we are your trusted partner in achieving optimal health for the entire family.

Meet Our Providers

At St. Elizabeth, we strive to be right here for you on all your health and wellness needs. Hear some of our providers share a time in their life when someone was “right there

David “Biscuit” Edwards

I’m Right Here: A Story of Hope and Healing.

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