Virtual Health

Connecting Healthcare to You!

St. Elizabeth’s virtual health options give you more access to doctors and services through your smart device.

Access to quality healthcare doesn’t always have to take place in person.

At St. Elizabeth, we believe healthcare should be convenient and accessible. You have a lot to juggle in your life, and prioritizing your health can be difficult. With virtual health options, you can turn that notion on its head.

What is Virtual Health?

Virtual health, also known as telehealth, is when healthcare professionals interact with patients remotely. All you need is the internet and a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone to gain access to these secure services. Virtual Health options are able to residents of Kentucky and Indiana.

Virtual health services aren’t meant to replace all in-person visits with your healthcare provider. But these alternatives do offer many benefits, such as:

  • 24/7 access to quality medical advice.
  • Avoided exposure to viruses and germs.
  • No long commutes or time spent in waiting rooms.
  • Increased healthcare access for patients in rural or isolated communities.
  • Added support for patients with chronic conditions.
  • Reduction in unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • Stay home options for routine, follow-up or post-procedure care.
  • Diverse and flexible scheduling opportunities.
  • More readily available care services help decrease missed work or school.
  • Improved communication and coordination of care between provider and patient.
  • Empowers patients to take a more proactive role in their own health.
  • Virtual visits supported by most insurance plans. Contact your insurance carrier for pricing.

Not Feeling Well? Check Your Symptoms with the Online Symptom Checker.

The Symptom Checker is designed to help you make better decisions about what level of medical care (if any) is needed.

If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911.

MyChart: Your Personalized Patient Portal.

Think of MyChart as your virtual health hub. This easy-to-use online tool gives you secure, direct access to your personal health records. All you need is a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone and internet to take advantage of useful features such as:

  • Exchange messages with your provider or care team
  • View medical bills and make payments online
  • Access test results as soon as they’re available
  • And much more!

Download the MyChart app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to manage your health records on-the-go.

Online Self-Scheduling

We’re Always Open

24/7 online self-scheduling is an easy way to book your next appointment. Simply view the multiple time-slot options and choose an appointment at your convenience – any time, from any device.

Video Visits on Demand: Getting sick is inconvenient, getting care shouldn’t be.

Video Visits on Demand offers a quick and convenient way for patients to see a medical professional within minutes. Get a diagnosis, treatment plan and even a prescription sent to your pharmacy, all from the comfort of home.

Video Visits on Demand

Be Seen in Mintues

MyChart account not immediately required. Flexible appointment times are available.

Scheduled Video Visits: Connect with your provider from home.

A video visit allows you to skip the waiting room and receive care from the convenience of your smart device. Video visits are ideal appointment options for non-emergent medical issues such as:

  • Minor symptoms and injuries
  • Ongoing management of a chronic condition
  • Post-procedure/hospitalization follow-up

These visits are a great way to stay connected to your care team in between in-person visits. All you need is an active MyChart account. No account? It’s easy to sign up.


Call (800) 737-7900
to schedule a video visit
with one of our providers.
Call Now
MyChart account is not immediately required. Schedule anytime with a new primary care or specialty care provider.


in Minutes!

Where Quality In-Office Care Meets In-Home Privacy!

Whether you’re not feeling well, need a refill or just prefer to stay home, our video visits offer the next best thing to an in-office appointment.


Schedule a future video visit in MyChart.

MyChart account required. Schedule anytime with a previously seen provider.

Nurse Now Helpline: After-hour medical needs?

When a health concern arises and you aren’t sure what to do or where to go, call our Nurse Now Helpline. Speak with a registered nurse for advice on at-home or next-level care. That way, you get the help you need while potentially saving time and money.

Remote Patient Monitoring

St. Elizabeth is now offering Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to eligible patients as a complement to help manage your high blood pressure. RPM is the collection of your vital signs using connected devices while you are at home.

These devices are cellular enabled; meaning they do not require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. They work like how your cellphone does when you are using it without being connected to Wi-Fi. Readings are transmitted to a portal that the RPM team monitors. We will then alert your provider and follow up with you if there is a reading that is outside the thresholds of normal.

Want to learn more about RPM?

Email us with your name and contact information to discuss your eligibility and our team will contact you about our program offerings.

School-Based Telehealth Program
Expanding access to care, to your child’s school.

School Based Visits

When your child gets sick at school, it can disrupt everyone’s day – they may have to miss time in the classroom and you may have to change your plans abruptly. The St. Elizabeth Physicians Virtual School-Based Health Program can keep you both on schedule.

In collaboration with several area school districts, St. Elizabeth Physicians is able to deliver trusted medical care directly to your child’s school. Children enrolled in the program can be seen by a St. Elizabeth Physicians provider via secure video conferencing, right from the school nurse’s office.

This program helps reduce missed learning time and parents no longer have to leave work right away to try squeezing in a medical appointment or urgent care visit.