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Our sports medicine physicians are uniquely qualified to assess and treat problems with your muscles and joints. At St. Elizabeth, our team of physicians and therapists will evaluate your condition and recommend treatment for you to help alleviate your symptoms.

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Whether you’re training for a half marathon, playing a round of golf or coaching your child’s baseball team, we know you’re always on the move. Occasionally, your body can get out of balance from all the jumping, swinging, running and moving that everyday life requires.

The sports medicine experts at St. Elizabeth Physicians are here to help restore that balance. If you have a strain in your back or joint pain in your ankle, our team of specialists provides comprehensive, personalized sports medicine care to help you get back to the top of your game, quickly and safely. Call (859) 212-5600 to schedule an appointment today for full-spectrum sports medicine care.

Sports Medicine Care: What to Expect

During your initial sports medicine appointment, our experts will evaluate your entire musculoskeletal system. This exam ensures that our team can address the full spectrum of your injury, down to each twinge or tweak that might be bothering you.

After your evaluation, our sports medicine specialist will create a personalized treatment plan for you, pulling in additional St. Elizabeth resources if needed: physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, athletic trainers and more. Our integrated team works closely together to help minimize the number of appointments you need while increasing your rate of recovery, including 1:1 physical therapy sessions to ensure individualized care and healing.

We also have onsite X-ray facilities, a full line of orthopedic bracing and a partnership with orthopedic surgeons, if surgery becomes necessary down the road. We truly care about the well-being of each patient, and we’re proud to be a one-stop shop for all of your family’s sports medicine needs.

Athletes Jump in the Air -- Knee Raises

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Student Athletes

The St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine team has partnerships with 45 middle schools, high schools and universities in the Tristate community. We offer a comprehensive concussion program that includes ImPACT™ testing, as well as student-athlete sports physicals and continued treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Personalized Sports Physicals

Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) and Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) require all student-athletes to have an up-to-date physical for participation in school sports. If you’re unable to get your child in to have your family physician perform their physical, stop by one of our two convenient locations.

ACL Injury Prevention Program

St. Elizabeth introduces the ACL Injury Prevention Program. Developed in partnership between OrthoCincy Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, St. Elizabeth Physicians, and St. Elizabeth Healthcare, this program is designed to help athletes increase strength, improve performance and earn new skills to reduce risk of ACL injury.

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