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There are many pathways to recovery from substance abuse disorder. Our Journey Recovery Center staff members are uniquely trained to partner with you, your family, and other members of your healthcare team.

We are here to help with medical and recovery support and our staff will assist you as you follow your pathway.

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Doctors and Advanced Practice Nurses

Our addiction-certified Physicians and Nurse Practitioners provide compassionate, evidence-based, and innovative treatment through education, therapy, and medication.  They coordinate your addiction services and collaborate with your healthcare team to support your journey to recovery.

Licensed Therapists

Our professionally licensed therapists are uniquely trained to help patients process emotions and experiences. They will work collaboratively with you to create an individualized plan for healing and recovery, considering your unique needs and history.

treatment therapy

Case Management

Our Targeted Case Managers assist you in your recovery by reducing barriers to treatment. Your Case Manager will advocate for you, connect you to resources as needed, and help you manage problems that can occur along the way.

Peer Support

Our certified Peer Support Specialists understand what it takes to commit to long-term recovery.  They utilize both formal training and their lived experience of recovery to deliver services that promote healing. Their stories are your stories, which is why they are so passionate and supportive of our patients.

Support Group

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