Community Partners

There is no one pathway to treatment; each individual seeking treatment for substance use disorder must be part of the team developing their unique treatment plan.  In that regard, staff at Journey Recovery Center have established collaborative relationships with multiple treatment options for residential and out-patient care to facilitate quick, effective transfer of patients, when it is needed or requested.  We also work closely with the staff at the Northern Kentucky Helpline (859-415-9280) to facilitate patients’ quick access to the best care available.

At Journey Recovery Center, we recognize that only about 20% of recovery from substance use disorder is attributable to evidence-based treatment. Therefore, we rely on our partnerships with community agencies to help our staff influence the social determinants or factors that influence success in recovery. Some of those vital partners include:

Life Learning Center

At Life Learning Center (LLC) located at 20 W 18th Street, Covington, Ky, our patients have access to opportunities for personal growth and development including access to a technology lab and programming for skills development.  Through a 12-week education foundation course offered at LLC, our patients can learn various life skills that will help them be successful in their recovery.   LLC also offers resources to help our patients remove barriers to employment, increasing the likelihood of success in recovery.

The first step is often the most difficult one.

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Brighton Center Kentucky Career Center

We also want our patients to have access to career development through education and/or training programs.   Brighton Center Kentucky Career Center (KYCC) located at 1324 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY.  Jobs provide a structure and framework for our daily lives   Oftentimes, we seek employment out of duty or obligation.  Other times, it is simply to pay rent.  At KYCC, staff help our patients explore their career options, develop skills, and access training needed to support their vocational aspirations.

Recovery is a process; no one expects perfection. Many factors influence each patient’s recovery journey.

At St. Elizabeth Physicians Journey Recovery Center, we work with community partners to address all these factors.

Evidence-Based Treatment at Journey Recovery Center

  • Assessment
  • Medication Assisted Treatment, when indicated
  • Clinical and Case Management
  • Disease Management
  • Peer Support
  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Relapse Prevention

Factors Determining Success in Recovery

  • Legal Concerns
  • Family Disengagement
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Medical Needs including Pregnancy and Infectious Disease
  • Faith Opportunities
  • Health Promotion including Diet, Exercise, and Stress management.
  • Education Prerequisites for Job Placement
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Housing and Safety
  • Life Skills

Lift Up Project

To recruit individuals with a high risk for overdose or recidivism, staff at Journey Recovery Center have also established a relationship with Kenton County Detention to facilitate the continuation of substance use treatment and connection to community resources prior to release. Staff of the Lift Up Project provide training for persons who are incarcerated on recovery and the resources that are available upon their release.

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