Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Alcohol and other drug use disorders are increasing at an alarming rate with devastating consequences for individuals and their families. To respond to this growing medical need in our community, St. Elizabeth has established pathways to recovery across our healthcare system. Let us help you and/or your loved one address your substance use disorder and start your journey to wellness.

Recovery is possible! The question always is, where do I begin.

Behavioral Health
(Emotional and Mental Well-being)

A person’s emotional and mental well-being is often reflected in conditions such as anxiety, depression, and other psychological concerns.

Let us help you understand how your emotions impact behaviors and how they affect your overall health and well-being. Behavioral health is sometimes called mental health and often includes treatment of substance use disorders. Asking for support/help for these feelings and behaviors takes strength and courage. We can help you find a wellness plan that works for your unique needs.

Experiencing a medical emergency?

If yes, dial 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department for medical care. Once stabilized, our care coordination team will help facilitate a referral to help you obtain the level of care needed to address your mental wellness.

Uncertain about where to turn?

During regular office hours, call Behavioral Health to speak to a trained member of our support staff who can help assess your situation. Call the Nurse Now helpline for after hours calls.

Need Help Now?

Every path to mental wellness is different. Our uniquely trained staff will partner with you, your family, and other members of your healthcare team to create a patient-centered plan based on your specific needs.

Additional Resources

Activating Hope

St. Elizabeth has been at the forefront of confronting this community crisis alongside several valuable partners, leading important educational initiatives and awareness campaigns.
Please visit our Activating Hope page for additional resources and awareness initiatives.

Substance Use Disorder Progress Report 2022

Serving the Northern Kentucky community is a core value at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. One of the major issues impacting our community continues to be the opioid and other substance use disorders (OUD/SUD). Read more about the efforts of St. Elizabeth Healthcare to educate the community and treat those experiencing substance use disorders.

Read the Report

“Heroin: Reclaiming Lives” series

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is proud to sponsor Enquirer Media’s “Heroin: Reclaiming Lives” series. The series aims to help people in our community understand the disease of addiction, the challenges of treatment and recovery, and the devastating human toll this epidemic is taking on families and the community as a whole.