I'm Right Here: A Story of Perseverance

Mike’s Letter

My journey with St. Elizabeth saved my life, literally.

I’m a disabled, retired truck driver who inherited two very young grandchildren late in life. My wife works so I do most of the caregiving, but with a complex medical history of broken bones, multiple surgeries, and diabetes I quickly became overwhelmed and depressed.

I love my grandchildren, and always made sure they were taken care of, but the depression almost cost me my marriage and my family. When I met Dr. Hartman and Jaclyn I didn’t care if I lived. I had no quality of life, I just existed.Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health -- Find Help Now

I was a non-compliant patient, but Dr. Hartman changed my life. He is a god send. He treats me like I am the only patient he takes care of. He helped me understand my medications and my overall health.Mike Mercer with his grandchildren at play.

Dr. Hartman quickly realized that I was depressed, and referred me to a social worker in his office, Jaclyn. She helped me understand medication management, how to manage a household with two small children, and how to communicate with my wife of 25 years.

Jaclyn was there for me and I became a compliant patient, my A1C went down from an 11.9 to 7.1. I’ve lost 60 lbs and my goal of a knee replacement is becoming more in reach. She has helped me become “Mr. Mom” to my grandchildren. My mental health is better than it’s been in years. It’s so good, I joined a support group that helps other grandparents raising kids.

I have the best medical team – they all collaborate so I don’t have to worry about anything. They all know me as a person. I cannot give enough praise to Dr. Hartman and Jaclyn for not only saving my life but giving me life.


Mike Mercer

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