Weight Management Patient Success Stories

Patient Success Stories

At St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center we understand just how hard won your weight-loss success can be because we’re by your side every step of the way helping you make it happen. We understand success isn’t always easy but it is possible. We hope you’ll watch or read these real stories of people we’ve helped successfully take control of their weight and get inspiration and hope from what they share. With the help of St. Elizabeth Physicians, the next success story could be yours!

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Fred Calvert - Weight Management Story

Meet Fred

Fred Calvert has big plans. In the next 30 years, he wants to explore Antarctica, expand his astronomy research and return to school to study theater and drama.

Bonnie Alford - Weight Management Story

Meet Bonnie

After losing 113 pounds, Bonnie Alford is riding rollercoasters with her children and grandchildren again. “We walked seven miles, and I didn’t get out of breath or have to stop. I rode whatever I wanted to. It was a wonderful experience.”

Drew Seifried - Weight Management Story

Meet Drew

Plagued with an aching back, painful knees and sore feet, Drew Seifried decided it was time to get help. “I thought if I don’t do something now to change, I won’t be able to do what I want to do 10 years from now.”

Meet Robert

Robert went into surgery at 321 lbs. in just a year’s time, he lost more than 100 lbs. “This surgery pretty much saved my life. I have a lot to live for.”

Meet Donna

Donna now runs up the stairs to work instead of stopping at the halfway point to catch her breath. Watch her story to learn how she accomplished this major milestone.

Meet Ann

Ann is planning a hike she’s always dreamed of taking but never thought she could. See how she conquered the “beast” of obesity.

Meet Lori

Lori estimates she’s lost and regained thousands of pounds over the years. Watch how she’s conquering her “life-long struggle” to keep off the extra pounds.

Meet Phillip

Phillip set himself a goal to be fit by 40. Watch to see how he exceeded his own expectations

Meet Janine

Janine wanted to do activities with her family and couldn’t keep up. See how she “got her life back.”

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