Medications and Medical Weight Loss

Medications and Medical Weight Loss

If you have excess weight, it is not uncommon for you to have other health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure that require you take prescription medication. This will not hamper your weight-loss efforts or make you unable to participate in one of our medical weight-loss programs.

The bariatric specialists at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center will take your prescription medication into account when developing your customized weight-loss plan to ensure that it is safe as well as effective. This should not present a barrier to successful participation in our medical weight-loss program.

Once you lose some of the extra weight, it is possible that you will no longer need as many of the prescription medications you may be taking now. Some people reverse the condition that required them to take medication in the first place so they don’t need it any more. Others can lessen what medication they take and still get the needed results. Your bariatric doctor will monitor your condition during your regular visits and communicate any changes in your general health to your primary care physician. Your primary care physician can then evaluate your condition and determine if your prescription medications should be adjusted or even eliminated altogether.

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