Gastric Banding

Adjustable gastric banding is a minimally-invasive surgical weight-loss procedure in which an inflatable band is placed around the upper portion of your stomach. This creates a small pouch above the band that limits the size of your stomach. It helps reduce the amount of food you want to eat by causing you to feel satisfied after consuming reduced portions. Over time, the size of your stomach and the opening in the band is adjusted during follow-up visits with your bariatric specialist. These are done to change the rate at which food passes through your stomach and increases your weight-loss potential.

Although adjustable gastric banding is not the surgical weight-loss procedure chosen most commonly at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, it may be an effective weight-loss tool if you want to try a surgical alternative but are hesitant to try a more permanent solution. The adjustable gastric band is both removable and reversible.

We understand that weight-loss surgery is a major life decision that affects your health and daily life. The bariatric specialists at St. Elizabeth Physicians can help you determine if surgical weight-loss can help you reach your weight-loss goals and, if so, what type surgery is best for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

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Is Gastric Banding for You?

We believe weight-loss surgery at St. Elizabeth Physicians could be the answer you’re looking for to kick-start your weight-loss journey; however, we understand that it is not an easy decision to make. Our online Information Session answers common questions about your surgical weight-loss options to help determine if gastric banding is your best choice. In-person Sessions are also scheduled regularly at our Florence location.

Your bariatric specialist may recommend gastric banding if you have:

  • BMI of 40 or more.

  • BMI of 35 or above and you are at risk of having a serious illness or disorder.

At St. Elizabeth Physicians, we focus on minimally-invasive surgical weight-loss procedures to help reduce the stress of surgery on your body. Our gastric banding procedures are typically done laparoscopically by two experienced bariatric doctors working together as a team.

This results in:

  • Better wound healing
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Fewer complications

What Can I Expect After Gastric Banding?

Most gastric banding patients go home within 24 hours of their procedure. Many of them use meal replacements immediately following their surgery, moving to a soft diet and then on to solid foods over the course of a few weeks.

Our registered dietitians develop an eating plan that takes your individual needs and goals into account. They answer any questions you have and help get you on the right track for maximum weight loss. We help you create the game plan for your success.

You can expect to lose an average of 2-3 pounds per week after gastric banding. Results may vary depending on your individual health history, condition and activity level.

Losing weight through gastric banding can often improve many medical conditions as well, including:

Lifelong Support

Even after your surgery is over, the bariatric team at St. Elizabeth Physicians provides numerous opportunities for continued education and support.

We offer:

  • Commitment to lifelong care.
  • Monthly support groups.
  • Behavioral Health support team.
  • Supportive environment with a “no shame” attitude.
  • Working relationship with discounts to many area gyms.
  • Back on Track  program when you need encouragement to recommit to diet and exercise.

We know weight loss and healthy eating are lifelong efforts. Our goal is to assist you any way we can.

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