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Surgical and medical weight-loss options are provided by an expert multidisciplinary team focused on you at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center.

At the St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, we don’t offer short-term fixes or fads. Instead, we give you the tools, information and support you need to reach your weight-loss goals.

We understand that obesity affects every aspect of your life – physically, mentally and socially – and we take that into account when developing a treatment plan personalized to your individual needs. We feature both surgical weight-loss options and medical diet programs. With both you have access to a complete support team of registered nurses, registered dietitians and behavioral health specialists.

A unique component of the surgical weight-loss program at St. Elizabeth Physicians is that our team performs most weight-loss surgery procedures with two surgeons rather than one. This approach provides significant benefits, including:

  • Surgery takes less time when two surgeons are used.
  • Less time in surgery means you are under anesthesia for a shorter amount of time.
  • Less time under anesthesia can mean fewer complications and faster recovery time.

In addition to this technique, St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center is home to the area’s most experienced robotic surgeon. Typically, robotic surgery is used during the vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Using the da Vinci robotic system has given many patients the opportunity for an even quicker recovery and return to normalcy.

At St. Elizabeth Physicians we realize how difficult it can be to make lasting changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. We are committed to helping you succeed throughout every step of your weight-loss journey.

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Patient Success Stories

We’ve been helping people in Greater Cincinnati lose weight and improve their health since 2004. Click here to learn more about their stories and how St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center has helped them succeed.

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