Behavioral Modification

Behavioral health services at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center help you determine and address the issues affecting your weight.

At St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, we understand that obesity is a chronic disease that affects every aspect of your emotional, physical and social health. Our behavioral health services can help you identify the emotions and behaviors that influence your eating habits. Our behavioral health specialists work with you to develop the tools you need for successful long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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Counseling and Education

Many eating and food issues have roots in emotional issues. For lasting weight-loss success, it is important to address the factors – other than hunger – that cause you to turn to food.  We look at the emotion, mood and behaviors affecting your eating habits and share strategies that can help you change your status quo. We will help you manage your relationship with food.

Long-Term Support from St. Elizabeth Physicians

Changing your habits can be a long-term, slow process but it is not impossible. St. Elizabeth Physicians can help make this time the time you succeed in your weight-loss efforts. We offer ongoing individual or group counseling and host monthly support groups and a Facebook  support page. We know successful weight loss is a lifelong commitment. We want to be your partner for life.

Patient Success Stories

We’ve been helping people in Greater Cincinnati lose weight and improve their health since 2004. Click below to learn more about their stories and how St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center has helped them succeed.

Weight Management Patient Success Stories - Robert Gross
Weight Management - Programs

Weight-Loss Programs

Whether you’re interested in bariatric surgery or just want to lose 20 pounds, the Weight Management Center has a weight-loss program for you.

Weight Management - Patient Information Sessions

Patient Information Sessions

Attend one of our free information sessions to find out if you qualify for weight-loss surgery or to learn more about our medical diet programs.

Weight Management - Education Class

Find an Education Class

St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center offers education classes for both medical and surgical programs. To learn more or register for a class call 859-212-WELL (4625).

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