Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Whether you have a nagging pain in your back, knee, ankle or other joint that keeps getting reinjured, St. Elizabeth Physicians Physiatry is here to provide long-term relief. Our team will evaluate, diagnose and treat the source of your pain in a unique way – by using your body’s own ability to heal. This approach – known as regenerative medicine – helps to eliminate pain while strengthening the ligaments and tendons surrounding the affected joint.

How Does It Work?

As patients get older, their body’s natural ability to self-heal can need additional encouragement. When tendons and ligaments stretch out due to age, overuse or disease, the corresponding joints can get wobbly. Regenerative therapies like Prolotherapy and PRP can encourage the body’s own healing process with a series of injections that kick-start the three-phase healing process. After the healing process is complete, the tissue surrounding the joint is stronger and healthier, reducing pain and making the joint more stable. Regenerative medicine helps our patients get back to their daily lives and the activities they love.

Regenerative Medicine Therapy Options

Some of the regenerative therapies offered in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation include:

  • Prolotherapy – injections with a naturally-made sugar substance to promote a healing response in the body.

  • Perineural injections – injections directly into the round nerves. Perineural injections offer a different regenerative approach than PRP and Prolotherapy, resetting and nourish the nerves to increase mobility and decrease pain.

  • Regenerative injections with a highly concentrated amount of the patient’s own platelets to promote a healing response in the body.

Dr. Bertram

Meet Dr. Bertram


Dr. Michael Bertram, an Interventional and Regenerative Musculoskeletal and Spine Physiatry specialist at St. Elizabeth Physicians, offers regenerative medicine treatment options to patients in the Greater Cincinnati area struggling with chronic pain or limited mobility.

Dr. Bertram utilizes a multispecialty-based evaluation during your initial appointment, looking at the entire body instead of just focusing on the painful problem area. He also collaborates with physical therapists, chiropractors and other physicians to ensure a comprehensive, collaborative approach to your treatment plan.

Insurance coverage for Physiatry regenerative therapies varies; please contact your insurance or connect with our office to determine if your treatment will be covered.

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