Your Weight-Loss Journey

Taking control of your weight-loss journey is easier if you know what to expect. The compassionate, professional bariatric team at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center will guide you throughout your weight-loss journey – outlining your choices and providing the tools you need for success – no matter which program you choose.

The first step is deciding between medical and surgical weight-loss options. Our bariatric team works with you to outline your weight-loss goals and map out a plan on how to best make them happen. We’re on your side and we can help.

Your Medical Weight-Loss Journey

Once you’ve decided to lose weight through the Medical Weight-Loss Program at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, the first item on your agenda is attending one of our information sessions – either in person or online. The orientation focuses on education, answering questions and outlining the rest of your medical weight-loss journey, and is required prior to your first appointment.

Filling out the new patient packet is the next step. This packet must be filled out before your first appointment.

Lab work is often required and will be ordered either before or during your first appointment, which will be scheduled with bariatric experts Dr. Troy Schuman or Dr. Lori Catanzaro.

Our Medical Weight-Loss Program has two versions: the Very Low-Calorie or the Low-Calorie Diet. The plan in which you participate is determined by your goals, current physical condition and recommendation of your doctor.

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Your Surgical Weight-Loss Journey

Weight-loss surgery can produce life-changing results. You’ll begin by attending patient orientation, either in person or online and completing the new patient packet. Both the information session and the new patient packet must be completed prior to your first appointment.

Insurance verification comes next. Our team works with you to determine exactly what your insurance covers and what you can expect in out-of-pocket costs. We help you understand and complete any pre-surgery requirements your insurance may have.

Once the paperwork is completed, you’ll meet for an initial consultation with one of our weight-loss surgeons to learn about your surgical options and decide which is best for you.

The Surgical Weight-Loss program also has the following qualifications:

  • Join the Weight Management Center program.
  • Undergo a psychological evaluation from one of our Behavioral Health Specialists.
  • Quit smoking if you are a smoker. You must be nicotine free for a minimum of 60 days prior to surgery.
  • Participate in a diet trial for two to nine months, depending on what’s required by your insurance coverage.
  • Obtain any required lab work.
  • Visit with your surgeon for final consent and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Verify final insurance approval with the help of our staff.
  • Schedule a surgery date and complete any final evaluations needed.
  • Meet with a registered dietitian for pre-op and post-op diet review.
  • Undergo weight-loss surgery.
  • Attend follow-up visits as determined by your needs.

Patient Success Stories

A grateful Bonnie Alford thanks the St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management team for giving her the confidence she once had back. “I can do just about anything and not have to worry about feeling bad. I’m so happy with the results I’m giddy!”

Weight Management Patient Success Stories - Bonnie Alford
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Weight-Loss Programs

Whether you’re interested in bariatric surgery or just want to lose 20 pounds, the Weight Management Center has a weight-loss program for you.

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Patient Information Sessions

Attend one of our free information sessions to find out if you qualify for weight-loss surgery or to learn more about our medical diet programs.

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Obesity & Me

Obesity affects all aspects of your life – your health, thoughts and mood. Learn more about obesity and why you shouldn’t feel alone in your weight-loss journey.

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