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At St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center our doctors and staff believe obesity requires lifelong care. Our multidisciplinary team includes weight-loss surgeons, weight-loss doctors, nurses, dietitians and behavioral health specialists. Our focus is helping you meet short- and long-term weight-loss goals. At St. Elizabeth Physicians, we are your partner for life.

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Behavioral Health

We understand that battling obesity impacts all areas of your life. We offer individual and group counseling to help you modify your behavior and address the emotions triggered by your eating habits and weight-related issues.


The nurses, dietitians and behavioral health specialist at the Weight Management Center play an integral part in your care. Our registered dietitians provide nutrition and fitness education in both individual and group settings. We give you the tools you need for long-term success.

Our top priority is helping you meet and maintain your weight-loss goals to improve your health and enjoy better quality of life.

Education & Support from Registered Dietitians

At St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center we know that changing your eating habits and the way you look at food is a vital component of successful weight loss. We also know how difficult that can be to achieve. We can help.

Our registered dietitians provide education and support, both one-on-one and in a group setting, to help you incorporate a healthy eating plan into your daily routine. We offer education classes on nutrition, meal planning and food substitution or exchanges that give you the knowledge you need to make meaningful changes to your diet. Attendance to these classes will also unlock a 10% discount to the New Direction mean replacement products.

At St. Elizabeth Physicians, we don’t judge and we don’t shame you. We partner with you to evaluate what you’re eating and offer advice and education on how to improve your diet for maximum weight loss. We want to help you achieve your best life.

Weight Management - Programs

Weight-Loss Programs

Whether you’re interested in bariatric surgery or just want to lose 20 pounds, the Weight Management Center has a weight-loss program for you.

Weight Management - Patient Information Sessions

Patient Information Sessions

Attend one of our free information sessions to find out if you qualify for weight-loss surgery or to learn more about our medical diet programs.

Weight Management - Patient Success Stories

Patient Success Stories

We’ve been helping people in Greater Cincinnati lose weight and improve their health since 2004. Click here to learn more about their stories and how St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center has helped them succeed.

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