We manage your visit and connect you to the specialists and departments within St. Elizabeth. Learn how this improves and streamlines your care.

What is a hospitalist?

The hospitalists of St. Elizabeth Physicians are board-certified internal medicine and family medicine doctors who specialize in treating patients who are admitted to the hospitals of St. Elizabeth Healthcare located in CovingtonDearborn CountyEdgewoodFlorenceFt. Thomas and Grant County. Our goal is to provide excellent, friendly and courteous care, as well as addressing any questions or concerns you may have during your hospital stay.

Our hospitalists do not have a medical practice outside of the hospital setting, which allows them to ensure you receive high quality medical attention while you’re in the hospital. As a member of your healthcare team, your hospitalist will communicate with your primary care doctor, specialists, and surgeons throughout your hospital stay.

How can a hospitalist help during my hospital stay?

Your hospitalist knows every specialist and department within St. Elizabeth Healthcare, and can help expedite services when needed. Their goal is to help ensure you have a pleasant hospital stay as well as a smooth and speedy recovery process including:

  • Following up on your tests and treatments throughout the day

  • Meeting regularly with you and your family members

  • Making quick decisions when necessary about which medical procedures, tests, or other treatment options you may require

How can a hospitalist help after my hospital stay?

If you are in need of a physician once you leave the hospital, your hospitalist will also assist you in finding a physician that best fits your needs. Your hospitalist can utilize our secure, electronic medical record system to share your hospital-based medical information with any provider of St. Elizabeth Physicians or St. Elizabeth Healthcare when needed. This allows us to provide you with seamless care, which means better care with less paperwork and less duplication of questions, tests, and treatments.

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