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What is an eVisit
An eVisit is an electronic visit that allows you to consult with your primary care provider online for common health issues.
It can be used as an alternative to a traditional office visit for select, non-urgent medical issues. As a first in the region to
offer this extraordinary innovation, we want you to experience convenience that no other health system can offer.

Your time is important. Now you no longer need to travel to a doctor's office for treatment of these common conditions:

Back Pain Erectile Dysfunction Sinus Infection

Cold Sores Gout Urinary Tract Infection

Cough Pink Eye Vaginal Discharge



eVisits are currently only $35, payable using your HSA or credit card and only available through MyChart.

Read more about eVisits in our Guide to eVisits.

To facilitate an eVisit, a patient must have MyChart.
Don't have a MyChart account? Sign up for your secure activation code.
If you have a MyChart account, log in and start an eVisit with your doctor.

Learn how to sign up for MyChart!